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Determination & Vigor

I am writing this letter in support of Nicole Butler and A&B Productions. Ms. Butler has tirelessly labored to create performance opportunities for community youth. Though sparse on resources, she has never allowed that to cease her movement for the cause. On a personal note, Ms. Butler came into our lives about seven years ago. My daughter, Quinci, aspired to be an entertainer, ideally on Broadway. Nicole availed her to occasions to take vocal lessons, perform with a troupe, act in movies, perform at local events and be seen by Hollywood agents. Ms. Butler’s efforts afforded chances for my child not to just dream, but see the possibilities become reality. Today, Quinci is a local favorite performer who has spread her wings into directing and writing. This month two of her original scripts will debut: one as a stage play in Philadelphia and the other starts shooting as a movie. Ms. Butler is committed to our youth and executes on their behalf with determination and vigor. Carla Spady

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